150th armored vehicle for Brink’s Nederland

November 2011.

Since 2000, over 150 armored vehicles have been build under my management for Brink’s Nederland. The projects or series varied in size between 1 and 40 units. Mostly, it were series of about 10 vehicles. Those 150 vehicles are spread over 4 variants and exist in different configurations. For convenient and efficient fleet management the number of variants and configurations have been limited to the absolute minimum. The armored fleet of about 180 units is herewith almost completely replaced. The point where the first units that have been built are replaced is closing in. Interested? On the rear and front of each vehicle a 5 position fleet-number is placed. The first 2 are the year when it has been built (11 for 2011), the last 3 are sequential numbers with the indication of the variant (0**, 3**, 4**, 7**).