Physical Security

Given the nature of your business or your personal situation, you are dealing with a degree of threat of burglary, robbery, fraud, kidnapping or abduction and theft. Before you to plan to (re-)establish your business or move your home, it is important to choose your location carefully.  In the case of an existing building, the building and its surroundings need to be assessed on their fit and usability. I can assist you in finding the optimal location and advice on the design and layout.

This is the best starting point to meet the physical security objectives. For what is intrinsically safe does not need to be secured otherwise (e.g. electronically).

Electronic Security

To be able to successfully alert the emergency services, an unauthorized attempt to access your valuables should be detected at the earliest possible stage. That combined with physical security defines the time to make the loot and that should match the time the emergency services need to arrive at your business location.

At a private home this is no different. When next to your (precious) belongings you and your family are potential targets for criminal activity, your environment should be arranged accordingly without limiting your freedom and comfort.

Process Security

The design of your production and warehouse determines whether and how fraud can be committed with the goods you process. That is often overlooked in an organization and management only asks themselves why goods disappear from the company. The separation of the flow of people and goods is the best way to reduce this risk. I can examine your site, observe the processes and submit advice to adapt processes or flows.

Behaviours, habits and routines can also create a weak spot in your security. If you’re predictable, the planning (for example) of a theft is easy because criminals exactly know the window within which they must act.


Does your business have processes which may not be interrupted? Has there, in the course of years, been (re-)built and moved in your facilities? Chances are good that your sensitivity to the unexpected failure of critical processes has increased enormously.

The recent years have also shown that power failures have more frequently occurred and failure of (other) utilities will only increase. By analyzing your processes, your housing, we can recommend several changes to make your processes less sensitive to such disturbances. Of course, all influenced by what your customers expect from you.

Furthermore, I can help with setting up a number of possible scenarios and how to establish procedures to act in that situation.

Secured Transport

The increasingly brutal and ruthless approach of criminal organizations increases the need for adapted transport of persons and goods with some value. The most extreme variant is protected and armored transport. But between the normal delivery van and an armored truck are many other possibilities.

I help you find the optimal mix of security, specifying the measures and changes, finding the right supplier and ensure correct implementation if desired.

Purchase and Procurement

You want to improve your insight into the purchasing behavior of your organization? Want a balanced vendor selection process? I help you to increase understanding and contribute to a change to that direction. Such a process begins with an analysis of purchases from the past years.

Such processes are carried out for:

  • Stork NV
  • Brink’s Netherlands BV

Fleet management

Using a larger number of vehicles, whether or not with great diversity, confronts an entrepreneur with many problems and choices: Maintenance, investment, purchases, fuel; fleet management in the broadest sense. I can assist you in finding the figures that should be used to underpin the choices, set up repair systems, maintenance and replacement strategies and if necessary develop (modular) vehicle concepts.

Tender Management

When your organization wants to participate in a tender, a lot more is needed than for your average quotation. Do you lack the manpower, the legal knowledge, language skills (specifically for international tenders), knowledge about a branch, feel uncomfortable about formal procedures? All elements needed for a successful tender need to be collected from several disciplines in your organization and that requires dedicated management. In the past years I have participated in and managed tender-processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Does your organization require a brochure or a policy document on CSR? I can support your organization by delivering the basis for that after a study of your organization. With a  Creative Writer it can be edited to become a canvassing brochure. I can also prepare a management brief with a multi-year plan to improve your CSR performance.

Crisis and disaster management

Because I also operate within the military domestic operations, military assistance and military aid (homeland security), I am very well informed about the processes and procedures of crisis and disaster management of the public administration in the Netherlands. I can assist your company, your environment, to be optimally aligned to those processes. Possibly it is even imposed to you in your license to operate. If your company forms part of the vital infrastructure of your country, the government might even go one step further than the legal obligations that already exist.


Every enterprise will come to a point where growth stalls, or even the turnover decreases. The continuity of the company is at risk. By evaluating the company with you on the basis of knowledge, capabilities, experience through a proven methodology. On the basis of the results, and through brainstorm sessions, new products or services are sought that can be sold on existing or new markets.

Organisational advice

On he basis of extensive expertise and experience gained in several enterprises and giving asked and un-asked advice on problems, processes, adaptations, changes, policy and strategy, I am capable to assist your company on above and other subjects.


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