Interim Management

Interim Management

Is your organization missing a key-officer for a shorter or longer time? Is your organization overloaded with work? Specifically when it concerns my fields of expertise, I am able to relieve your organization. I would prefer thou to do that in part-time. Whether it is Facilities-Management, Fleet-Management, Project-Management, Contract-Management, all known fields for me.

Expediting Services

A sort of interim-management is expediting on projects. You can consider that a project-manager in the fore-front of your project. Do you have an order placed in a factory for an important part of one of your projects and the cost for travelling to the suppliers site is too high, you can consider outsourcing these activities to me. If within reasonable travelling distance, a daily trip can be made to expedite on your projects. As a rule of thumb, everything within a 250km radius around Maastricht is manageable within one day.

Attending and witnessing tests on equipment you buy is also one of the possibilities.


Because every organization is different: size, culture, branch, it is important to see if there is a match. Feel free to contact me for an interview.