Armored vehicles 8 (update 8)

August 2019.

With a last order in production to conclude this umbrella agreement after its maximum length, a total of 43 vehicles will be delivered. The Ministry already started a new procedure to follow up on this agreement.

August 2018.

There have been 3 additional ordered since last update and this brings the total of vehicles to 37.

April 2016.

After having delivered the vehicles from the previous mini-competition, another has been held for 6 vehicles. The order for the delivery has been received this month. This will bring the total at 24 vehicles delivered within this umbrella agreement.

September 2015.

The vehicles from the previous mini-competition have been delivered and another mini-competition for 4 vehicles has also been won. These vehicles are in production. The total will increase to 18 vehicles.

May 2015.

For an order for 9 vehicles, a mini-competition was done against the other contractor. After a successful pricing, the order was won. By the end of 2015, 14 vehicles in total will have been delivered to this customer.

June 2014.

After having delivered the first vehicle last February, an additional order has been received for another 4 vehicles.

February 2014.

After having won the order for this tender last may, recently the first vehicle has been handed over to this governmental organisation.

May 2013

After succesful qualification the quation presented to the dutch Ministry was good for winning the tender.

The majority of the work was to translate from Duch to German and English as well as the interpretation of the specification to the competences of the body manufacturer. All tender documentation to be submitted and correspondance has been written in Dutch.

December 2012.

Support with qualification and quoting for a tender for armored SUV’s issued by a Dutch ministry. This body manufacturer wishes to contend in a tender issues by the Dutch government but lacks the language-skills. There was a need for someone that understands both languages and is knowledgeable about the business. First the company needs to qualify to be invited to contend and receive the documentation. Then, the quotation may be submitted.